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Rare Jems Marketplace Launch 5/07/2022

RareJems, LLC is a non-fungible token (“NFT”) marketplace whereby customers are given the tools and resources to navigate through the NFT space. Customers will have the ability to buy, sell, mint, and market NFTs directly on the platform. We will be continuously partnering with various artists, businesses, and entities to create NFT projects that will be offered on our platform. For each project, will manage the entire process from concept to launch including the following: designing the artwork for the NFT; programming the smart contracts underlying the NFTs; creating the websites; marketing; and selling the NFTs.

Initially, the only projects being offered on the platform will be those that we are partnered with; however, we plan on allowing users to list their separate NFT projects for sale on the platform in the near future. We will vet out projects that are low-quality, inconsistent with our brand or pose a risk to potential buyers by requiring users to complete an application for them to be able to offer their NFTs on our platform.

In addition, the RareJems will offer relevant information about the NFT projects that are being listed on the platform including, but not limited to, events. Not only will we be creating this separate NFT website that advertises the events associated with the NFT projects that we are partnered on, but we will also recruit other NFT projects to list their events on this page as well. Another feature of the platform will be a link that takes you to an e-commerce website that offers NFT apparel, for which we are soon-to-be partners. Here, customers will be able to upload their NFTs to premium quality apparel to be printed on-demand, but first, the customers will have to verify that they hold the NFT in their digital wallets.


RARE JEMS’ mission is to become an established leader in the zestful NFT and blockchain industries. To accomplish this, RARE JEMS has created its NFT marketplace whereby customers can buy, sell, mint and market NFTs. Unlike other NFT marketplaces, RARE JEMS will only be hosting legitimate, reputable, and highly valued NFT projects on its platform. In furtherance thereof, RARE JEMS is collaborating with various artists, celebrities, and prominent business entities to develop one-of-a-kind NFT projects that are tailored towards the collaborators’ respective brands and with the desirable benefits of NFT purchasers in mind.

RARE JEMS can successfully take these projects from concept to launch by utilizing its innovative technologies, effective marketing tactics, strategic partnerships, and effective marketing tactics. In terms of its technology and design, RARE JEMS has its computer designers that can customize the NFT artwork and a team of genius software developers that are capable of fulfilling all of the computer programming requirements of an NFT project including, but not limited to, writing smart contracts, ensuring cyber security, designing the project’s website, and processing payments.

RARE JEMS also employs its team of social influencers to market the NFT projects and engage with its prospective purchasers. Some of our strategic partnerships include prestigious venues in major cities such as Miami and Las Vegas, which we use to organize our incredible events to serve not only marketing means but also to deliver to customers as a part of the NFT’s utility. These events and the other utilities that we have the opportunity of providing customers with through our strategic partners are the main reason that RAREE JEMS can offer its customers experiences unlike any other.


A. Pre Launch

The rollout of the pre-launch phase is initiated when the first assets or leaks of a release are shared with the public. The first phase will have a synchronized effort of syndicating the main details of the collaboration on strategic mediums. The details provided with the release news include standard information such as who is involved, what is available for purchase, where will the NFT be available, when is the official launch, and why artists and collaborators decided to venture into this engagement with RARE JEMS.

Release announcements will be distributed through NFT, DeFi, and business (investor)-oriented platforms as well as industry channels specifically related to the artist. The target audience of those most likely to invest/support a collaborator’s NFT will be found primarily on these NFT and targeted media outlets. Billboards can be used to send cryptic messages or serve as pieces of the puzzle that build wonder and excitement towards the launch. This method will integrate with social media efforts to make the effort viral.

The pre-launch phase is pivotal in ensuring the success of each Artist’s release as data will be collected to make guided decisions for the next and most expensive part of the campaign – the launch phase. Think of the pre-launch phase as data gathering and testing/analysis to determine where resources are best allocated for launch. Blogs, social media posts, media buy articles, email newsletter inclusions, and influencer rollouts are among the methods used during the pre-launch phase that will all be tracked and moderated.

Here, RARE JEMS will draw targeted traffic to landing pages where they can submit their information and subscribe to stay up to date with launch news from the company. Collecting as much data as possible of people interested in the NFT will ensure more success of the launch efforts since the messaging will be directed toward those already indicating they want to purchase before the collection is sold out. Landing pages and assets shared on third-party platforms will all have tracking codes and pixels to retarget hot and educated traffic towards a purchase. Content will also be analyzed for engagement rates to ensure RARE JEMS invests in the assets that deliver the greatest results.

Collaborators will also need to feature in interviews, blog features, or press junkets to

publicly support the launch. These efforts will also include setting popular / AMA (Ask Me Anything) interviews on Twitter Spaces where the platform’s community can communicate with collaborators and the project’s executives about themselves and the launch itself.

B. Launch

After warming up, educating, and tracking audiences through various mediums, efforts will be focused on the announcement of a collaboration being available for purchase to the public. The goal is to produce a successful event with notable corporations and artists affiliated with RARE JEMS as well as sell out all available NFTs. Content of the event with the parties involved is pivotal in generating momentum when going to market. This will serve as engaging content and proof of concept to continue building credibility. The launch phase of the campaign is where the majority of the effort from the RARE JEMS will be allocated efficiently after testing several sources and building a database of interested buyers.

Social media advertising, Google’s paid network, and programmatic advertising will be used more heavily to retarget interested audiences that were captured on tracking pixels and/or submitted their data during the pre-launch. This is expected to generate more direct conversions of NFT page visits and purchases since this will not be users’ first time hearing of the collaboration offerings and RARE JEMS. It is also important to continue creative marketing through Billboards and generating attention towards collaborators supporting their NFT through podcast, radio, and television platforms. Additional ways RARE JEMS can promote releases are through physical and virtual events/exhibitions in the metaverse on platforms that have NFT investors such as Cryptovoxels, Decentraland, AltspaceVR, and Mozilla Labs.

C. Post-Launch

Once the collaboration or pre-sale has been launched and made available for purchase by the public, it is important to evaluate campaign performance based on NFT sales. If NFT inventory has been sold out, nearly sold out, or generated significant revenue, marketing will be used to promote the collaboration’s success and NFT scarcity. Using the momentum from sales performance will push the market to acquire remaining NFTs for a complete sell-out while drawing attention to RARE JEMS on an impressive performance.

Through the launch phase and post-launch phase, marketing efforts would have provided millions of impressions to RARE JEMS and the Collaborator. With users visiting the platform and registering on the platform to purchase the NFT, RARE JEMSt must now focus on retaining users on their platform. This will be done by directly targeting new users with specific content to maintain their interest and continuing to engage with the RARE JEMS platform. If RARE JEMS does not provide a consistent rollout of content or NFTs to engage with their existing user base, then the marketing budget used to acquire them in the first place would have been spent in vain.

It is imperative RARE JEMS continues to build momentum from the content and success to make strides toward becoming a recognized market leader. The existing user base will be retargeted similarly to the launch phases, using their data and online browsing behavior to stay top of mind with an omnipresent approach. Social media advertising, Google Network advertising, and programmatic ads will be utilized to follow users as they visit their common websites even unrelated to NFTs, finance, and sports platforms. Here, users will receive engaging content on market activity, education (value-oriented content), or news of upcoming celebrity collaborations that will drive them back to RARE JEMS platforms continuously.

Email, SMS and push notifications will also be used to directly personalize and target users who submitted their information during our campaigns. Users will be leveraged to build loyal communities on RARE JEMS platforms such as Instagram, Discord, Telegram, YouTube, and Clubhouse. There is tremendous value in community building as members can share content and interact with each other, providing self-sufficient engagement and growth.

Owned communities will save RARE JEMS marketing budget during new releases since ideal consumers that have already been tracked by the company live on these platforms. This increases the likelihood that future RARE JEMS releases will be sold out during a presale period made exclusively to investors on the company’s owned platforms. RARE JEMS needs to take care of their community with incentives and values to develop a cult following. By doing this, the community users will increase the platform’s outreach and user base by sharing organically within the members’ network.

With each NFT project, RARE JEMS will be migrating its loyalty community from one project to another. Therefore, rather than having to build the community from scratch, future NFT projects are put in a better position to succeed by already having a proven market of clientele to target and communicate with.

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Rare Jems NFT Marketplace
Rare Jems NFT Marketplace
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