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ZipHub is an Online Merchant Marketplace that uses cutting edge technology to help consumers find great savings with local merchants, while contributing to charities and supporting local communities.

The Objective

Our primary focus was to create a compelling and user-friendly brand identity that resonates with businesses and members alike, highlighting the unique benefit of directing a portion of every transaction to a Member's chosen school, church, or charity.


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The Challenge

Building a Global Presence and Brand Awareness

Establishing ZipHub as a leading national online retail and shopping platform presents a significant challenge. With numerous established e-commerce and business directories in the market, breaking through the clutter to capture the attention of businesses, members, and potential advertisers required a comprehensive marketing strategy. Building brand awareness across local regional preferences, and adapting marketing messages accordingly was crucial in gaining a strong foothold in different markets.

Creating a Complex and Scalable Platform

Developing a revolutionary online retail and shopping platform like ZipHub required a robust and scalable software solution. The platform's complexity lies in seamlessly integrating a vast array of products, services, and information sources while ensuring smooth navigation and user experience for both businesses and members. The software development team implemented advanced search algorithms, building secure payment gateways, that efficiently directing a portion of earnings to selected schools, churches, or charities.

Gaining Trust and Encouraging Participation

Fostering trust among businesses, members, and potential advertisers are vital for the success of ZipHub. Convincing businesses to join the platform and offer their products and services will require showcasing the platform's potential for increased visibility and sales. Encouraging members to participate and direct a portion of their earnings to charitable causes will involve transparent communication about the impact of their contributions.

The Results

The premier local online retail discount savings shopping platform

Through targeted marketing campaigns, we attracted businesses from various industries, fostering a diverse and extensive product range on the platform. Members were empowered to support causes they cared about, resulting in a strong sense of community and philanthropy. Our scalable and user-friendly software solution ensured seamless navigation and transactions, driving customer satisfaction and retention. As the go-to hub for all online products, services, and information, ZipHub will surpass other shopping networks, becoming the ultimate resource for users and advertisers.

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