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Cleanlife360 is a supplier of Certified Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs) such as KN95 face masks, disposable masks, hand sanitizer and other disinfecting & sterilizing innovative equipment.

The Objective

Cleanlife360 Personal Protection Equipment Startup set a goal to achieve unprecedented success in the digital realm amidst the challenging backdrop of the pandemic. By crafting innovative and data-driven digital strategies, we aim to catapult their online presence and secure top rankings on major search engines. Our mission is to not only scale their business but also to create revenue targets that exceed expectations.


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The Challenge

Restricted PPC Advertising

Our most critical challenges revolved around the constraints of PPC advertising on all social channels. With traditional paid advertising avenues limited, we had to find alternative strategies to reach our target audience effectively. Our team needed to explore creative methods like content marketing, influencer partnerships, and search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure our brand message remains visible and impactful.

Standing Out in a Crowded Market

The pandemic spurred an influx of competitors in the personal protection equipment space, making it increasingly challenging to differentiate Cleanlife360's offerings. Our challenge was to create a standout brand identity that resonates with their target customers. We emphasized their commitment to safety, quality, and reliability through powerful storytelling and engaging visuals. We identified unique selling points that set Cleanlife360 apart from competitors. Leveraging these differentiators, we crafted a marketing strategy that showcases Cleanlife360 as the go-to brand for trusted personal protection solutions, thereby capturing a significant share of the competitive market.

Connecting with Customers during the Pandemic

With PPC advertising limited, our marketing efforts had to pivot to prioritize direct customer engagement during the pandemic. Building and nurturing meaningful relationships with their audience was vital for brand loyalty and long-term success. Furthermore, our content strategy was geared towards providing valuable information and insights related to personal protection during the pandemic, strengthening their connection with customers and earning their trust in Cleanlife360 and placing their KN95 Black Face Mask on 1st page of Google and Bing search results.

The Results

From Startup to 7 Figure Acquisition

Our relentless commitment to innovation and strategic marketing initiatives resulted in an impressive transformation from a startup to attracting over 120,000 website visitors. This exponential growth led to tremendous revenue generation, surpassing even their loftiest expectations. As a testament to our success, a larger manufacturing company took notice and acquired Cleanlife360 at a significant 7-figure purchase price. This momentous acquisition not only validated our hard work and vision but also opened doors to further expansion and global impact

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